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This is what we talked about all weekend:
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Monday, 10 May 2010

Campaign for the Arts, 5th May Report

These are the issues raised at the Arts Campaign open space, on the evening of the 5th May. Where a report has been typed up, the issue name links to the report.

The invitation is here.

Do you really think that British politicians don’t care about the Arts?’ and ‘What do we want?- A Wish List...

If change funding where from?

What can we do about fear and dread?

An Open Space with famous people issuing the invite? And/or In the House of Commons?

Performance workshops for Politicians? Alternative ways to get government to value the arts?
How can we organise/create an arts event that allows anyone to contribute, making all who input feel validated, heard, satisfied and creative?

Puppet Power! How do we actually make this happen?

How can we as different kinds of arts practitioners use our specialist skills to present our perspectives to government/funding bodies?

Mask Maker artist theatre maker activist – Who would like to work with me?

What is the Arts Campaign?

How is everyone going to repay their debt?

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